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thunar-volman decrypts but doesn't mount LUKS volume

I have a external usb-harddisk with a single luks crypt (whole disk) containing an ext3 filesystem. I can mount it by hand using:

sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/disk/by-uuid/b62fa781-f064-43cf-a006-6304ffe7333a usb_harddisk
sudo mount /dev/mapper/usb_harddisk /media/usb_harddisk_00

I would like thunar-volman to do this so I enable thunar-volman in Thunar, plug in the usb-harddisk and I get a popup 'this volume is encrypted. Pleas enter your password to decrypt and mount the volume'.  After filling in the LUKS password I can see that a device is created at /dev/mapper/luks_crypto_b62fa781-f064-43cf-a006-6304ffe7333a. Then I get the same popup again. If I fill in my LUKS password again I get a reply 'Failed to setup the encrypted volume./dev/sdb is already setup? ' . If I type 'mount' in the terminal it shows the device isn't mounted. If I plug in a usb-harddisk with an unencrypted ext3 partition it does get mounted.

Is this a HAL/permissions issue? I searched the wiki about thunar-volman, LUKS and HAL but didn't find anything.

I am using thunar 1.0.0-1 ,  thunar-volman-svn 6493-1 and hal 0.5.11-7

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