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#1 2005-01-08 10:14:09

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Pacman and ProxyServer.

Hi everybody around.

I've lately been trying to install software trough a HTTP (only) proxy. I used th HTTP-Server of the responsitory of tu-chemnitz for this.

Now, i experienced no problems configuring pacman in the pacman.conf, but there still was a problem (not with updating).

I've typed "pacman -S apache php mysql".

Now he downloaded apache, started with PHP -- there an error occured. The package size he wanted to download was exactly the one Apache had, and not the size of the php package. Therefore the checksum was wrong, and i had to type "pacman -S apache; pacman -S php; pacman -S mysql". This worked fine then.

This occurs JUST if i go trough the HTTP-Proxy.

Maybe a bug? Or a user error?

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