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#1 2003-08-29 16:58:03

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Source Code For Base On CD?

Just a quick question. During CD installation, a point is reached where a choice is offered to mount the CD and install packages from there or to install from a previously mounted source medium. One assumes from the very presence of this latter choice that that /usr/src would need to be mounted at that point via one of the virtual terminals, say ALT-F1. Would the user then be able to build the base system from source at that point? I'm unclear on this point.



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Re: Source Code For Base On CD?

No, this option has nothing to do with building from source.  It's simply a way for users to manually mount the media containing packages, which is useful if your media is not a CD-ROM.

For example, if you had a flash drive with a bunch of packages on it, you would have to head to vc2 and manually mount it under /src, so the setup script can find the packages.


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