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#26 2009-10-02 11:27:04

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Re: AIF: the Arch Linux Installation Framework

kdas wrote:

Is there a place where there some documentation? I looked through arch-wiki and did not find anything of how to create automatic profiles etc. … tall_Guide gives "some" info. there is also the AIF readme ( but there is not much info about automatic profiles indeed.  you can check the examples and look at the source code of the automatic procedure.  it's not that difficult.  feel free to ask stuff if you don't understand

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#27 2013-03-10 11:20:41

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Re: AIF: the Arch Linux Installation Framework

Too bad that this project is discontinued. I really would like to auto install my arch systems sad


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Re: AIF: the Arch Linux Installation Framework

Mmmmm, necrotizing fasciitis.

On a related note, the project died because no one wanted to support it, feel free to bring it back if you'd like. Also note that it didn't auto-install anything. It did exactly what the install scripts do now, but less reliably. K thanks.

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Re: AIF: the Arch Linux Installation Framework

onny, please read Forum Etiquette: Old Threads / Necro-Bumping. Closing.

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