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#1 2008-11-20 08:17:11

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PulseAudio and xfce4-mixer

Is any other mixer who works like xfce4-mixer and have pulseaudio support?

I need mixer in tray which works with Pulseaudio.



#2 2008-11-20 16:30:25

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Re: PulseAudio and xfce4-mixer

I have it - Xfce4 and Pulse Audio - no problem, just add volume control in your tray (right-click, Add new item, volume control), then right-click on mixer (volume control), select properties and select right audio device (in my case it's #0: VIA 8233-Pre not "default").
I have not encountered any problems so far, just make sure that you set your Pulse Audio correctly (at least for ALSA - suppose that you are using ALSA) just follow advices from Arch wiki, or write what is your specific problem here.

Make sure that you are also runnig Pulse-Audio and Avahi daemons, here is daemon setup from my rc.conf:
DAEMONS=(syslog-ng hal network netfs avahi-daemon pulseaudio alsa timidity++ fam cups crond)

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#3 2009-10-22 12:22:57

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Re: PulseAudio and xfce4-mixer

I did not mean to bump old posts, but wanted to give a solution for other who may search.
In AUR repository there is a nice program called obmixer, which I now am happily using with FVWM... smile It is good, as it can work with alsa and pulseaudio... smile I love it as it stays in a tray... smile

Alternatives may be gvolwheel or gvtray, but both only works with alsa... smile

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Re: PulseAudio and xfce4-mixer

This is almost a year old. Please read the wiki and don't do this again, however much you may think this is a good idea. Solutions should be put in the wiki, not in some random forum post from last year.

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