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#1 2003-09-06 19:43:27

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LOL, in cowardly fashion, the topic was locked.

Well, it was just as I expected given Sarah31's previous behavior when I noticed that she had to have the last say and then lock the topic seen here: … c&start=15

I would respond to some of the comments made by her in the last post but sometimes people just don't 'get it' and that is a prime example. So I will leave it at that.

Sarah31 - enjoy your time off, maybe you can work on your "blazing penguin" forum.

Cheers!  smile


#2 2003-09-06 21:34:40

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Re: LOL, in cowardly fashion, the topic was locked.

you my friend are what many would be considered a troll i locked and edited that forum based on your easy linux guide rules. i locked the thread because i figured you wouls continue to troll it not because i am a coward.

i have dealt with far worse trolls but frankly i don't want this forum to degrade into petty name calling. which is the direction you contined to take that thread. i could have been more of a facist and banned your ip would you have prerred that?

anyway. this thread is troll material. so it's getting locked too. if you have issues with it then email apeiro or pm him. i could not careless. or better yet get the people on your forum all riled up as well. tell them all about how horrible i am. you likely will get alot of sympathy bbecause i edited out all of your petty behaviour.

next time you post how about actually helping someone or ask a question and if you ask a question kindly do no demean people for providing help? no one pays to come here and help so there is no need to flame and troll people.

like i said before good luck with your forum it certainly has the makings to be a good forum for users who want a friendly atmosphere. one word od advice though....if you do become more popular don't bask in it. the more popular most linux sites become the more they degrade. sometimes you will have to make unpopular decisions but don't be afraid to make them.

AKA uknowme

I am not your friend


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