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#1 2003-09-07 06:02:06

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Pacman and the new group handling


I was trying the new group feature in pacman, when i saw the news in the mailing list i got real happy, mainly becouse searching for the important packages (base) is a pain in the ass when you have dialup and upgrade little by little. So when i found out that

pacman -Syf base

was not working, well, lets say i wasnt all that happy as before...
just a thought, why dont make pacman handle categories such as the ones in the lists:

base, multimedia, x11, devel... and so on. so if someone wants all the base updates, just runs pacman like above...

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#2 2003-09-07 17:06:22

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Re: Pacman and the new group handling

that sounds great to me.

personally i'm waiting to pacman -S gnome big_smile

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