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#26 2009-11-14 01:05:37

From: L'viv, Ukraine
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Re: Gnome 2.28 GDM Keyboard layout

Only one news from Fixed. Implemented a different patch that reads the active keyboard layout from X instead of reading from hal. Not everyone uses hal.

I tried  gdm 2.28.1-2, it really reads active keybord. But problem still unsolved: if you don't use gnome, then you have only one keyboard layout defined in GDM, other you have to define by yourself, using setxkbmap.


#27 2009-11-15 10:50:35

From: Germany
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Re: Gnome 2.28 GDM Keyboard layout

So the 10-keymap.fdi is completly useless. For now I execute 'setxkbmap de' in the Gnome startup programs....


#28 2009-11-23 18:53:54

From: Stockholm, Sweden
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Re: Gnome 2.28 GDM Keyboard layout

So the hal fdi policy is deprecated or how should I understand this stuff? Is evdev abandoned? Have we moved backwards to xorg.conf setup again? Or is it only Gnome that is uncapable of using evdev and fdi policies?

Luckily I don't use gdm, but my friend does. It was completely impossible to fix keyboard indicator during weekend on his install, so we installed gdm-old from AUR and fixed the keyboard indicator issues.

Further woes with gdm, it does not accept own background pics either, only themed and black works.


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