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Default applications

Where are the default applications set? I know there is a place to set the default mail client and web browser, but is there a place to set which app to use for specific document types? i.e. open .doc files with openoffice or open .pdf files with gpdf, etc.  Currently, I have to wait until one of these document types comes along, and then select the app.  I'd much rather do it all in advance since a) it will save me some time and b) it will make it easier to roll out arch to some friends of mine.



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Re: Default applications


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Re: Default applications

these associations have to be added. In the start menu go to control center--->kde compenents--->file Associations. Go to 'text' and on the bottom right will be a button 'Add'. From there select text again and below enter your description. Then go to the general tab and 'add' the extension with the *. Below that you can select 'add' under preference order and browse for you app.
-unless of course i completely misunderstood you  smile


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