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#1 2005-03-31 05:08:11

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need to change extractoin point

Hey i'm trying to extract a package ( well it goes through and starts, well heres what happens

root@mybox# sh
Uncompressing ArmyOps 2.3.0 for GNU/Linux........Extraction Failed.
signal caught, cleaning up.

after doing some research i found this happens when /tmp isn't large enough to contain the extraction (needs to be 300 megs mine is 268 or so). question is how do i change to where it uncompresses to? looking on the americas army support forums, nothing, nobody able to really help me, so i've come here.


#2 2005-03-31 05:25:33

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Re: need to change extractoin point

Use the --target option.  A better idea would be to make tmpfs bigger:

mount -o remount,noatime,size=9999G /tmp

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