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How to Install RPMs or convert RPM to Pacman?

I have been testing Arch Linux for 2 weeks now, and I like it very much. But I have a problem.

There are 2 rpm packages from IBM, one is : iSeriesAccess-xxxx-xxx.i386.rpm (to access DB2 databases) and clientsdk.xxxx.UCx.LINUX.tar (To access Informix databases). IBM does not offer a source code to compile. I have installed both packages on RedHat and they work fine, but I have no idea how to install them on this distribution, since there is no rpm package installed and there is no pacman for the rpm package manager.

I have installed the rpm manager and made it to run (version 4.1), but it refuses to install any packages due to so many missing (rpm) packages that it does not recognice as installed.

Any idea on how to solve this, it is possible?

Thank you for your future replies.


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Re: How to Install RPMs or convert RPM to Pacman?

try rpmextract from extra repository.
it unpacks the rpm, you can write then a PKGBUILD for installation

rpmextract <yourfile>
cp -r xyz $startdir/pkg/xyz>


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Re: How to Install RPMs or convert RPM to Pacman?

You can also use rpm2targz. This converts the rpm to a ... tar.gz! big_smile

You can probably use either of these program in a PKGBUILD by using the <package>.install file and adding a few lines to pre_install {}.

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Re: How to Install RPMs or convert RPM to Pacman?

A combination of rpmunpack and cpio keeps directory structure intact.  For example, if after running these two utilities, you end up with say...a /usr and a /etc just copy everything in each directory into your system's respective directory and you're all done. 
I've not used rpmextract.  It may be better.  {shrug}


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