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#26 2010-06-28 17:02:11

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Re: irc client recommendations [SOLVED]

ok i've settled on irssi after trying weechat and even xchat and pidgin.
i prefer the way somethings are displayed on irssi.

i had serious problems with irssi and weechat locking up on mrxvt. i've occasionally had difficulties with somethings on mrxvt in the past, but they seemed to have resolved themselves till now.

so i switched to roxterm and all is well ... other than i don't really know how to do much on irc, but that'll be for later.

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Re: irc client recommendations [SOLVED]

pradtf wrote:

ok i've settled on irssi... other than i don't really know how to do much on irc, but that'll be for later.

All you need to know

You need to install an RTFM interface.


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Re: irc client recommendations [SOLVED]

Another one for Irssi.

I've heard over and over again that Weechat is a lot better but I've never tried it.  I think I just stick with irssi because its what I know, and I want my irc client to work but otherwise get the hell out of the way.  smile  I've been told that Weechat is better for this kind of mentality due to simplicity, but I don't like changing things when they're not broken.


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Re: irc client recommendations [SOLVED]

So far, from a beginner's stand point, they are both practically the same on initial run of weechat and irssi.

I used the same exact commands to (/connect and /join) to connect to my channel and begin chatting. For all intents and purposes, they are practically both the same. Those are probably the only commands i need.

So to me, it comes down to a simple preference of appearance, and that's it... I guess the real difference is for advanced users who want to customize their experience, but i don't need that, and I bet many other users won't need it. Most people will simply want to /connect and /join and begin chatting.

So from that perspective, they are both practically the same.

I tend to like weechat's default chat room layout more though. So based on this very trivial feature, i'm going with weechat since it meets my needs in the same way as irssi, but with a slightly better layout style on the screen.

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Re: irc client recommendations [SOLVED]

I use with weechat to replace bitlbee.  That tipped the scale for me.


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