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#1 2005-04-14 03:20:57

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AUR - the Arch User Repository

If you've created packages post in AUR.

The Guidelines linked off of the front contain essential information about the AUR, so you should start by reading those. It's a short read.



#2 2005-04-14 14:24:04

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Re: AUR - the Arch User Repository

What about splitting that up in a normal AUR user guide and a seperate AUR TU guide? Now it's mostly about TUs, making stuff unclear. The readers will be people wanting to know what AUR is and what they can do with it. TU's already know that and only need a seperate doc with their function and role in AUR (can/should be linked to from the user AUR guide).

For instance, it looks like you have no control over your own uploaded pkgbuilds and can't maintain them. All in all I would make it clearer that with package maintenance is meant only TU's package maintenance. Example:

"But a user can also help with package maintenance"


"Guidelines for Package Maintenance

Accessing the Repo

Follow these instructions for uploading/modifying packages:

Only hint that only TUs can do it is that the package is named tupkg.. Naive as I am, I'd think "cool, can use cvs to manage my pkgbuild". Most info in that section is actualy for TUs, not normal users. But here and there is also info for users making a pkgbuild.

Enough grumbling:

Hurray for AUR!


#3 2005-04-17 16:26:27

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Re: AUR - the Arch User Repository

I really like this AUR concept, but it seems a little temperamental:

1) clicking next while looking at my packages works ok, but I can't get back to my packages via the "my packages" button until I go back to the main package screen

2) I keep trying to upload myththeme-0.18-1.tar.gz, but it just doesn't work... it doesn't show up in my packages, and I have no idea why it doesn't register. There's no error, and it keeps accepting the package repeatedly, without the overwrite flag.


#4 2005-04-17 21:34:51

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Re: AUR - the Arch User Repository

bug reports kleptophobiac, it IS a new release.



#5 2005-04-26 23:08:13

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Re: AUR - the Arch User Repository

Please file bug reports.


as to kleptophobiac's issues there, yes we're aware and working on it, but it would help if you filed bug reports (helps us keep track of what we're doing).
#1 is sort of on my todo list, the current behavior..well I noticed it too and don't really like it, but I've gotta dig in and figure out why right now
#2 was actually fixed already in mantinence release 1.0.1, please file a bug report about the package, and someone (ok, so I mean paul) will unset the problematic flag in the sql database.

The suggestion box only accepts patches.


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