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#1351 2010-10-25 17:00:23

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Re: Arch on Eee PC

medianmajik wrote:

Why are your interfaces blacklisted (!eth0 !wlan0)?
Why is wlan0 listed as a module, especially with ath5k?

Those are good questions. IIRC, I copied these settings (at least partly) from the wicd  wiki page. These settings look quite strange, but for some reason I have perfect wifi. Since it works well, I am not really intending to look into it. wink

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Re: Arch on Eee PC

I have an Eee PC 1001px and I cannot get the keyboard to work in Xorg. startx only gives dozens of lines of things like "expected keysym, got XF86Cut: line 1727 of inet". i3 starts (by putting 'exec i3' in .xinitrc and using startx) and the touchpad works in it, but the keyboard doesn't. The keyboard works perfectly without Xorg. Any ideas? neutral

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