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#1 2005-05-15 04:56:35

From: Cairns, Australia
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kernel panic after changinig fstab

I altered my fstab in an attempt to get it to recognize a multi-card reader box. I'm getting messages: "ext3 -fs- hda3: couldn't mount because of unsupported optional features (80008000), (80008004)", "kernel panic:not syncing:VFS:unable to mount root fs on unknown -block(0,0). Can't get cfdisk -P s (hd0,0) or hda to even see hard drive! Cfdisk yields "FATAL ERROR: Cannot open disk drive." Can someone please give a hand? I'm using Arch Linux v .7 and grub with the auto partition scheme prescribed by ArchLinux. Grub was working prior to the change to the fstab. Knoppix live cd doesn't see hard drive.


#2 2005-05-15 11:49:14

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Re: kernel panic after changinig fstab

Sounds bad if Knoppix wont see it.
is there anything else you did apart from tinker with fstab ?

First shot is make sure the hardware is still functioning.
Swap some cables and connections etc. then maybe  try d/l a hard disk diagnostics prog from

next stage would be to take an image of the drive to a spare empty drive and work on that. should u need help with that , do ask.


#3 2005-05-15 15:29:05

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Re: kernel panic after changinig fstab

so it is. smile

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