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Eric is now Eric 5

This is a long-overdue renaming of 'eric5' to 'eric'. Both versions of the Eric IDE will be in [extra] as soon as they move from the staging and testing areas.

* extra/eric -> extra/eric4
* extra/eric-plugins -> extra/eric4-plugins

* community/eric5 -> extra/eric
* community/eric5-plugins -> extra/eric-plugins

Be sure to agree to any replacement or removal of conflicting packages. If you are using 'eric' now, you must remember to install 'eric4' manually once the packages hit the repository. For best results, use this command:

pacman -Syu eric4

Also, the eric* symlinks will point to the version 5 binaries; the symlinks will not exist in 'eric4'. Users running the program with desktop entries, i.e menus, need not worry about this.

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I need real, proper pen and paper for this.


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