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Belkin N300 Wireless USB Adapter

Alright, so I've decided to come back to Linux after several years of using Windows. I've used Ubuntu most of the time in my older Linux days (Red Hat, SuSE, Mandrake I've used as well), but I wanted something a little more flexible. My daughter's computer (loaded up with Edubuntu at the moment) has a Belkin N300 Wireless USB Adapter (050d:945a), I've installed wireless-tools, rt2870-usb-fw, wpa_supplicant and netcfg during the install and with lsusb it shows up. I've followed the directions at … SB_Dongles because the N300 is the successor to the adapter being used and made the changes accordingly (changing 0935b to 0945a respectively). Reboot and still get nothing. I've even followed the Wireless Setup on the wiki to no avail.

Ubuntu, however, recognizes and installs and configures the driver automatically. So, my logic is if it works with Ubuntu "out of the box" it should essentially work "out of the box" with Arch.

Any tips would be great as the computer it's going on doesn't have eth0 available to it (as the distance is too great to run CAT5).

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Belkin N300 Wireless USB Adapter

"Out of the box" is a term subjective in many matters around Linux.

Arch has a philosofy read the wiki for any further information.

As for your adapter, you may have to manually load the module to make it work:

modprobe rt2870

Put it in /etc/rc.conf as well
MODULES=(... rt2870 ...)

And I would suggest you to install wicd, its pretty easy to use.

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