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#1 2005-06-17 13:25:36

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bluetooth headset under archlinux

Hi folks,

I have a cheap Plantronixs M2500 headset and a sitecom cn 500v2 usb bluetooth dongle.
With the help of kdebluetooth from the aur packages I could pair them. Now I thought that the headset would just turn up as another soundcard - but it doesn't. I can see the bluetooth profiles under konqueror, but kde says that they are unknown?!

Does someone have any suggestion how to get the headset to work? Preferable with skype!?


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Re: bluetooth headset under archlinux

I'm not familiar with Sitecom stuff - are you sure the dongle supports the headset profile?

If it doesn't, you could try this, as long as you are aware that in its current state, it needs full kernel sources on your machine to get it to compile. dp had a thread about it a while ago. I got it to work, for curiosity's sake, between a 3Com BT PC Card (no headset profile) and a SonyEricsson HBH-602.


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