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#1 2005-06-28 23:54:25

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getting started w/ PHP

After 10+ years I've decided to get back into programming.. last time I touched code it was 1993 and I was hooking up baseball mitts to 386's (don't ask..)  Coding was never my full time job and I've only really dabbled.. hence I want something pretty easy to learn.  Two lingos that were recommended were PHP and C#.  I have uses for both but think that PHP might be the place to start.

I have zero database experience though.  Can somebody tell me how to set up PHP, Apache, and either MySQL or Postgres on Arch?  Looking at the PHP site it says that I should compile PHP specifically with MySQL.. I'd rather just do a pacman -S php... possible?


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Re: getting started w/ PHP

There's a php/apache/mysql doc in the wiki


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