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Acer ac700 (chromebook)

Hi guys

My laptop recently broke and now i wanted to buy a netbook but im seeing that the hardware seems weak until i saw this Acer ac700 for $350

11.6” HD Widescreen CineCrystal™ LED-backlit LCD: (1366 x 768) resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio
Dual-core Intel® Processor
2GB DDR3 Memory
Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3150
16GB Solid State Drive
1.3 Megapixel HD Webcam (1280 x 1024)
High-Definition Audio Support
Two Built-in Speakers
802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™
2- USB 2.0 Ports
1- HDMI™ Port
Full-sized Chrome Keyboard with dedicated keys for the web
Oversized, Multi-touch Touchpad
Memory card slot for storing photos, music, and video
6 hours of continuous use
3.2 lbs (system unit only)

the thing is, im using arch for 3 years now and i cant live without it and i refuse to use that Chrome OS crap, i know this question may seem stupid but can i install Arch on this computer?? Since chrome OS is linux based im guessing yes but i read on the internet a guy saying this to a similar question (but with ubuntu):

Just an FYI to save other hassle: It's my understanding that unless you want to install a BIOS chip you're stuck with the chrome OS kernel, and can only replace the userspace with Ubuntu. Depending on what you need/want this may be enough, or it may not be. But if you're expecting to just make a normal Ubuntu install, don't. Chrome OS netbooks apparently can't even boot from USB keys … ss-machine

This might seems mean but i dont really trust ubuntu users tongue so i wanted to ask for your help.

Im sorry for my poor english

tanks in advance

EDIT: Do u think 16 GB for system and programs + 2GB of dropbox (for my college things) + 320 external hd for media and stuff is more than enouph?, since i dont have any linux at home now can u tell me how big is OpenOffice or LibreOffice (whatever is called now) installation on HD

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Re: Acer ac700 (chromebook)

It is possible, according to this page: … chromebook
In short, you have to wait 5 minutes at boot the first time you want to use a unsigned kernel and 30 seconds the following times.


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Re: Acer ac700 (chromebook)

Chromebooks use a very particular BIOS and partitionning system which are only designed to boot Chrome OS.
Moreover, they are distributed in "release mode" which mean that the whole operating system and kernel are cryptographically signed and you will not be able to run any other executable in this mode.
You can nevertheless switch the device to "developer mode", you will have to wait 5 minutes the first time, and then you will need to press Ctrl + D at every boot (or wait 30 seconds) as long as the developer mode is active (and if it’s not, you can’t run something else than Chrome OS).
When you are in developer mode, you can do anything you want, but because of the BIOS this will not be easy at all (in particular you can only boot Chromium OS images from an USB key, so you will not be able to install Arch this way).
It is possible to install Arch Linux on a Chromebook (there is a tutorial about installing Ubuntu on a CR-48 on, it should work for Arch on the Acer Chromebook, perhaps with a few modifications) and the easiest way to do this is to use the Chrome OS kernel (with an Arch userspace).
It should be possible to use the Arch kernel, you’re not stuck with the Chrome OS kernel (after all, Chromium OS is open source), but this is likely to be even more complicated because the kernel is on a separate partition specifically formatted.

So in short, if you want a "true" Arch system and don’t want Chrome OS, don’t buy a Chromebook.

PS: you can also flash the BIOS in order to have a regular BIOS, but you will need to crack open the device and this will cancel the warranty, so it’s not a good idea.

English is not my native language, so fell free to correct my mistakes.


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