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Gimp segfaults when using flip tool.

I just finished getting Arch set up yesterday and today I decided to start adding all my favorite packages and plugins the way I would have them from other distros (mostly Debian or Ubuntu based). Everything is working fine (or I fixed it without a problem) except for gimp which segfaults when using flip tool. I can't seem to find any other way to segfault it but I won't rule out the possibility that other parts are broken as well.
Before I get into detail: Specs:
Arch: 2010.05 x86-64
Kernel: 2.6.39-ARCH
Desktop Environment: Gnome 3 with shell
Gimp version: gimp-devel (latest in extra repo)
Gimp Plugins: Wavelet-denoise   Gmic  Gap  Resynthesizer-1.0

When running gimp with -c flag the error message given is

gimp: fatal error: Segmentation fault
gimp (pid:15882): [E]xit, [h]alt, show [s]tack trace or [P]roceed: p

(script-fu:15895): LibGimpBase-WARNING **: script-fu: gimp_wire_read(): error

I know this is probably a problem for the gimp bug reporter but I figured I would ask here first to see if there were any suggestions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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