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#1 2002-12-06 04:14:29

From: Middle of Canada
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Sorry folks.

due to a back injury the upgrade to unofficial has been delayed. also due to one individual mistaking my joking around on irc for "being a bitch" i will not be on #archlinux or irc at all.

my work continues slowly but it will be done.

best to you all i will monitor this forum and incoming for your suggestions and contributions.

thanks and bye for now

AKA uknowme

I am not your friend


#2 2002-12-06 19:24:05

From: NYC
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Re: Sorry folks.

Just to say, as someone relatively new to Arch Linux, though I have found you grumpy at times (usually justifiably, when I posted something dumb)  I think you've done almost as much as the creators in helping new users and the like.

I haven't been around the forum or IRC for a bit, being horribly busy, but I'm sure you realize that everyone else would want you back.  (Errr, speaking of back, rest that--you're not specific about the injury, we can only hope it isn't serious.)

BTW, taking a class and need a *nix running laptop--tried a few different flavors, and Arch did the best job.  Now, if only it would support Japanese. smile

Seriously, I am sorry that something happened, and hope you realize that just about everyone really appreciates your efforts.



#3 2002-12-07 23:29:57

From: California, USA
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Re: Sorry folks.



#4 2002-12-08 11:17:56

From: Manchester, UK
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Re: Sorry folks.

Ive never noticed you being grumpy.. then I aint been about much recently.. however dont just bugger off and leave us because of a few anonying users...  scottro is almost right in saying you've done almost as much as the developers.. you've actualy done far more I reckon... but then Im a lazy cunt wink

come baaack!!


#5 2002-12-08 21:47:14

From: Westside - CenCAL
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Re: Sorry folks.

i have nuthin but admiration and respect towards u and ur abilities. now i feel u fur takin action as a result of this ass hole but why may i ask u make all of the AL community suffer?? theres a majority of far less than 'experts' on the linux scene (myself first on the list) that do need and greatly appreciate the insight and support of u as well as the AL coders, especially during times of dumb assed-ness. as whitout u guys, Arch wouldnt be Arch, hell it wouldnt even exist as a distro. so why not just ignore the offender(s) as they r clearly the only individual(s) who do not appreciate all u have and will do to make Arch the favorite distro of us all?? insults and instigaters dont get jack shit acomplished except choas and cause others to lose whit them.

try to be a man and some day, you'll understand   -ccr
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