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Laptop mode tools shut off keyboard

When I have the laptop mode tools daemon enabled in rc.conf, the keyboard will stop functioning if a) I'm in the console and b) I leave the keyboard alone for ~10 seconds. There's no freeze, because the cursor is actually still blinking, and if I keep typing it doesn't shut off. I assume this is the LMT disabling my keyboard after some degree of inactivity-- of course, I can't get back after this, because the mouse doesn't function in console and the keyboard can't reactivate itself. I don't see anything relating to the keyboard in the config, is this a bug?

I have a Macbook 6.1, by the way... I'm not sure if the Mac's keyboard is any different from another laptop's in how it transmits data.

EDIT: If I start X, then go back to the console, this still happens, but it gives a message this time:

PCI_PM_runtime_suspend():hcd_pci_runtime_suspend +0x0/0x20 [USBCore] returns -16

I think this is indeed LMT shutting off USB support when it's not in use-- but on the Macbook, the keyboard needs that function. 'options usbcore autosuspend=0' in modprobe.conf does not fix this, so I'm stuck at this point...

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Re: Laptop mode tools shut off keyboard

Did you try turning off USB suspend in LMT itself?
in /etc/laptop-mode/conf.d/usb-autosuspend.conf:



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