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Re: Sound setup for mobo chip CMI8738 and alsa

In order to have sound support under linux basically you have two way.
The first one is to use the native kernel sound module/driver also know as OSS sound support.
Another way is to use the asla sound module/driver.
Basically ALSA is a project that wa born some years ago. A guy decided to write his own sound module, if I rembere well, for a crystall sound card because unsupported by the kernel.
This driver was so good that the project went on.
Other card were added and appliccations started to use these driver natively.
Many people say that these drier give you a better sound quality than the kernel one.
Me personally I do not have an opinion upon that but it seems to me that they support more options (expecially for the more complex card, like dolby surrond) tha the kernel one.
ALSA provide also an OSS emulation in order to give you the possibility to use the all the programs as usual.
In other words is up to you to decide what to use.
About the module name:
In general alsa tend to have similar module name compared to the kernel, but sometime they differ. I think this is due that for some card alsa support became available sooner that the kernel.
I found the module name on the alsa site.
There is a page with the list of the supported cards.
Here you have to look for your card, then you should find a link that take you to a better description on how to install and configure your card.

Just a final note it is not possible to use kernel and alsa module at the same time.
You can use kernel/oss module OR alsa with oss emulation module
I hope I was clear.


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Re: Sound setup for mobo chip CMI8738 and alsa

big_smile  smile Bobonov!

     Pleased to have the background info for the alsa module and will certainly look into the URL you posted for more background.
     I appreciate your support.  I am able to use most of the sound capability so can limp along until I get the right combo going!!!!

     If you celebrate.....Happy Thanksgiving!

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