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#1 2002-12-08 21:24:36

From: Manchester, UK
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how do you feel?

ok seems a very valued member of the AL community is feeling a lil down, so lets cheer her up with the best way I know how... and please remeber that of the few bad encounters she has been most patient with all of the new lot, something most of us wouldnt be..


#2 2002-12-09 04:27:55

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Re: how do you feel?

actually i am not down just was a little shocked that the other person i was chatting with was is a major pissy moody and was being literal in what i thought were joking responses. so i took off. i mean if you are not in any sort of a mood to chat or potentially joke without getting upset then don't go online.

so i am back on the channel for now but i am only sticking to help or hello responses. obviously my weirdness is just too much for some and why use it if it results in being accused of being a crack user.

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#3 2002-12-10 16:09:44

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Re: how do you feel?

I voted that I had no idea who she is. You might wonder exactly why I did that, because it is not strictly true: Sarah helped me over at Linuxnewbie.  Sarah31 is somewhat responsible for me considering Arch in the first place: I'd seen Arch prior to her post at LNO, but until I discovered sarah31 was actually using Arch, I brushed Arch off as a Gentoo wannabe.

Oh, now I know why I voted the way I did: forum people never really know each other in the same way that we might know our spouse or a parent or our child. So in that way, I respect you all, but I try to do so with the courtesy I'd give a total stranger. Because sarah actually is total stranger, someone I would not swear at, someone I would not get into a heated debate with. I will try to be as respectful of her as I would respect a mayor or fire department captain or a knowledgeable programmer or even odie. ;-) If we can tolerate gruff ole odie, we have some skills indeed!

Somehow, now, sarah31 got back on track, everyone wins. Probably pain is messing her tolerance level a bit?

And how can I change my vote to 'Someone who is always there..."?


#4 2002-12-10 20:36:59

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Re: how do you feel?

Well, I for one am glad that Sarah31 is back on irc--I was going to go there to say hello today, but every time it began to connect I got another call and had to go.

(Scott waves to Sarah31) 



#5 2002-12-11 04:11:03

Ghost Dawg
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Re: how do you feel?

I know Sarah from online forums as a very helpful person. I haven't been to the AL irc channel but I'm sure she is helpful there also.

Sometimes people just be too stupid online and I would guess they are stupid in person if they act that way online. I just ignore those types of people.

So I'm sure Sarah will be back and strong as ever!

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