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Re: How do you manage your passwords ?

Way back i used short made-up words, which were bad passwords.

Later i used made-up sentences of a made-up vocabulary that i had in my head, which was still far from ideal.

Then i had a short circuit somewhere in my brain and switched to high entropy random strings, which at first i memorized, until moving on to password managers, which was good. Then i forgot the password to my password manager and upon recovering it i realized that it deleted all of my fucking passwords as a standard procedure after recovery (firefox lockwise), which was really really bad.

Then came the realization that i don't have many high-stake web accounts. So a security compromise wouldn't, to my potentially questionable reasoning, be as bad as having to deal with a bunch of secure passwords.

So i've recently come full circle and use short, made-up words again for most of my online presence, the same ones i used as a kid and have since spotted in numerous password dumps. Simply to fill in the password requirement basically all online services with logins have. Because save for a few exceptions like email where i still use secure passwords, most of my logins are replaceable, with the only potential drawback for me being the mild inconvenience of having to find a temp-mail service (to verify the account) that hasn't been blocked yet.

So if i ever start posting spam, you'll know why.

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