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#751 2020-11-28 06:29:06

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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

Probably the 2 most common reasons...

Ability to build the system from the ground up and only install exactly what I want/need.

Access to the AUR and Wiki.


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Stagger Lee
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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

- Documentation
- Forum support
- Grow tired of Ubuntu PPA third party repositories (even Ubuntu's own). Every single program I had installed in Ubuntu I find in 2 Arch repositories.
- I don't need to think about did I upgrade OS to latest release or LTS right now ?
- More standardized paths for configuration files. In Ubuntu much is shifted, moved to other places, custom named. You find it at least, but lose more time using Google.
- Much more.....


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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

Why i choose arch linux after using ubuntu and debian for many years?
The answer is simple, since from my ubuntu days i always came to the arch wiki to solve problems, i thought that since i always use the arch wiki. i might better off using arch linux itself, and i dont have to reinstall every 6 months.
i always was wary of using arch linux, since alot of blogs made it appear that arch breaks regularly, but im using arch for 3 years now, and still no breakage.
sorry for the typos, im writing this while enjoying some vodka on the rocks


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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

Because pretty much every crazy thing I want to try to implement, I can do it in Arch. I've been in love with Arch Linux since I first dipped my toe in to give it a try, more than 3 years ago at this point. I cannot imagine using a computer without it.

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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

I have been using Arch since February I still can not understand why other distros are that heavy. My Arch is minimal i3 with only 500 packages and it does everything I need when I tried other distros based on Arch they are heavy even when choosing i3 edition, over 1000 packages of junk I could not go under 650. That was the time when I chose to build my own "distro". It still impresses me how Arch can be build light and functional and it did not break of course the stability is big point too.



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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

I have at one point (way back) run lfs, gentoo, ubuntu..
but honestly I was attracted to arch because i found the arch docs were always helping me fix everything
also, ubuntu was a massive download and install, then wouldnt boot and arch docs told me why


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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

I decided to give Arch a whirl because Google kept recommending the Arch Wiki as I was troubleshooting issues with my Debian instances.  I've been running Arch since 2013 or so.  I run Arch on my personal daily driver (A Lenovo ThinkPad 25th Anniversary Edition (20K7)), and my workstation (an old Lenovo ThinkStation D20).  When I build my new file server later this year, it will be running Arch Linux and Borg.

Migrating my Debian router to Arch will be a challenge, something I suspect will take an entire weekend.


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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

When I changed from Windows to buntu based distros I felt superior to the Windows users.
Then I switched to manjaro to feel that I'm better than Ubuntu users.
And then...

All jokes aside.
As werkman2 said 5 posts above. All roads load to Arch Wiki. Almost every Linux question ends here.
I use Blender. Every update brings nice futures, so I wanted the latest possible version all the time.
Arch installation compared to full graphical installers is more difficult, so It gave me a lot of satisfaction to learn it.


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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

When I was a teen I was fascinated by computers and knew I would work in IT (software developer for 8 years now, mainly .NET). And Windows 2000, XP, Vista - they were boring. So I used and played with Linux starting 2003. Started with SUSE, quickly moved to Slackware for a year and then used Debian for some years.
And then in 2008 or 2007 Asus Eee PC launched - cheap netbook which was cool. Bought it and started looking to put linux on it. And at that time Archlinux Wiki had the most detailed guide. So installed Arch, tried it - was quite fun - migrated my desktop from Debian too. Used Archlinux on desktop till 2021 when I switched to Windows 7.

Anyways, I started renting virtual server from netcup ( few years ago for hobby projects - and when choosing os - I went with Archlinux for nostalgia and good old times (though at work I would never ever replace RHEL or SLES servers with Arch, God no).

So now using macOS on desktop, Arch on hobby server and RHEL/SLES for work projects.


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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

I used Ubuntu for 2.5 years before moving to Arch. From time to time I would look at other distros, but most of them seemed to be Ubuntu derivatives with fancy non-orange bells and whistles.
Then one day I installed Gentoo on a spare SD card for a raspberry pi. It didn't seem two hard (granted, I went the cheat rout).
So I decided to replace Ubuntu on my laptop. I didn't want to do gentoo on that (only 2 cores), but a friend uses Manjaro and said he liked it, so I went with Arch.

So why Arch? Ubuntu was nice but boring, its downstreams more boring; Gentoo has a cool name but would take forever to compile, Manjaro sounded almost as boring as Ubuntu, and Debian seemed pretty similar to Raspbian, and I wanted to try something different.

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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

The Arch Way.
It already was my philosophy before I even knew there was a Linux OS following those principles.


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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

I want to try GNOME 40 as soon as it is released — [gnome-unstable] ftw!

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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

I use arch linux simply because of pacman. I suppose that I could use some other distro that based on arch to get pacman but most not what I am looking for.

I like using openbox only systems and arch is great for that. I found it faster to start from a terminal shell to get openbox setup the way I like than to go through and edit a pre-built openbox distro to my liking. The aur is also a good reason that arch is great. I like arch because mainly everything just works. The wiki is good a few spots tripped me up and are probably not exactly straight foreword. (ie font dpi). I also like using ck-kernels and arch makes it fairly easy to use what ever kernel I like. Arch linux really makes using a os based on linux a great experience.


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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

I am an inpatient person. I used Manjaro before, and I have to wait a long time for a new linux kernel. I want the latest kernel right away so I learned how to install Arch and now I am here.

And it is a lot faster.

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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

lutherus wrote:

I didn`t chose Arch.Arch has chosen me



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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

Arch gives me control - it doesn't install stuff or do things for me - I have to think, learn and understand, and so I have control.
Most stable and hassle-free distribution I ever used smile


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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

i got tired of maintaining Gentoo install on 3 machines. Turned out that i did not need that much tweaking after all to get Arch going nowadays.

most of the things i need are already packaged. few years ago, this was not the case.

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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

I chose to use arch because I immediately liked being able to install only what I need. I was also positively impressed by the wiki's extreme completeness. Everything is explained perfectly and in a simple way. Lastly, I really like how pacman works.


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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

I've been slowly working my towards it for years now - starting with WSL, then an Ubuntu VM, then dual booting, then ditching Windows entirely on my Thinkpad, then Manjaro, and now finally just Arch.

I got more and more fed up with other distros being full of stuff I didn't want and would either have to just live with, or track down and remove. Like when Canonical decided that every new install would have an Amazon app whether they liked it or not! Manjaro's minimal install was a nice stepping stone but even that felt a little heavy handed with desktop environments having pre-baked configurations etc so Arch seemed like a pretty logical step for me.


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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

Long Road...
Started with Suse about 16 years ago. Then 'Mandrake/Mandriva' then debian, then ubuntu, then Redhat/Fedora... Was unhappy because of little things.

Made a list of what I want:
1. Up-to-date Software/kernel
2. Fast Package manager
3. Not that much bloatware
4. Centralized Software management (means no PPAs or other sources which I need to collect)

Friend of mine nags me to try gentoo, but I don't want to compile everything at every update, leaving my PC compiling for hours.

Found Antergos. Was happy. Then also because of minor issues switching to Manjaro. (Mostly 'cause bigger community and the looks.)
When fixing things I got most answeres from Arch Forums and Wiki, SO I thought "why not using the original?"

Made my first manual install with arch - failed
Made my second install with arch - failed
Made my third install with arch - success

Deleted Windows completely 'cause of fucked up updated (and destroyed my bootloader one time too often), lastest install without dualboot and with systemd. Runs since then.

I'm happy with arch now.

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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

A feeling of knowing *exactly* what is on my system, combined with a sense of ownership over the OS as my own thing.
On a more practical side, no (or minimal) bloat. Simple as that. I have what I need, and that's that.


#772 2021-06-09 22:58:54

Der Chefkoch
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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

I switched from 5 years on a Mac back to Windows, but got sick of Windows very quickly. The UNIX style had grown on me, and I still value MacOS after using it for many years. Since I bought a shiny new Windows Laptop I was considering alternatives to selling it right away and switching back to Mac - Linux was the obvious answer.

Arch struck me as not very user friendly and for a specialised community (sysadmins/developers). Like a Farmer playing a Tractor Simulator in his spare time. But I liked the logo.

After some research I started to "orbit" Arch more and more though, I liked in particular two points:

1) Rolling release paradigm: I think that is the way to go, it just seems the right and neat approach to evolve an OS on your machine. Wanted to try that.
2) Initial minimalism and modularity - you can build your own system. I hate bloat and love the idea to only have stuff on the machine I absolutely want and need.

Being "bleeding edge" is not a focus for me - I prefer stuff works in a stable manner over bleeding edge if I have to choose.

Since I had more free time back then I took on the "challenge", I have to say that with the amazing Arch Wiki I could resolve most issues on my own and learned quite a lot about Linux and Linux-based systems along the way. Where I didnt find my way with the Wiki this helpful and knowledegable community allowed me to resolve most of my remaining issues.

Definately a worthwhile endeavor - provided you got the time to learn. So I am now using Arch Linux with LTS kernel and the Budgie Desktop as my daily and only driver and am very happy. After learning about Linux and other Distros I made the right choice regarding Arch and would do so again (with Manjaro being interesting as well and an option for a machine when I dont have that much time to tinker).


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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

Arch doesn't foist strange patches on me, has an excellent package manager, and doesn't try to push politics on me.  Mostly all of the choices are sane -- there is a reason that Arch beat out Gentoo in the late 00s.

I don't know if I'd use Arch on a production system but for a desktop/home server, it's perfect. Manjaro is great, too.

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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

After playing around with different distributions, I found Arch to be exactly what I wanted, and probably exactly what I needed.

No bloat, complete control over what goes into the system, what gets updated how and when - all without the hassle of trying to tear out what I don't want or need in other distributions.  I've been using it headless as a homeserver for a while now, but finally decided to take the plunge into a full desktop experience this week.

My own stubbornness caused some unnecessary headaches when getting the UI up and running, but eventually I got everything sorted out.  Now I'm not sure I'll ever go back to windows for anything.  Something about getting this OS set up and running was super satisfying - now I'm on to tweaking the games that I thought had to be run on windows so that they perform just as good if not better on Arch.

I've also got a hope to get involved with open source software more.  We use OSS at work - things like Apache Airflow, Gitea, Grafana, etc. - and I'd like to start giving back where and when I can.  Hopefully I can put some of what I've learned over the years to good use!


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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

ilAli wrote:

Hello. i am a newbie to linux, why you choose ArchLinux?

These are my reasons:
1. It's idiot proof and it's hard to break it, no matter how hard you try.
2. It's written from scratch, not a derivative, so the chance for big problems is minimal.
3. It doesn't get broken packages out of the blue which happens very often with Debian, Ubuntu and Mint.


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