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Caching news proxy?

I've been downloading binaries from usenet for a while now. Unfortunately, in order to complete my collection I have to download a lot of binaries. Most of those I already have (currently I only find if I already had or not after downloading the attachment). I can't find a newsreader that has an option to prevent downloading a message attachment if it already exists on disk.

Another solution would be to use a caching usenet proxy. This way, hopefully, the files I'd download would come from the proxy's cache if I already downloaded them before. I was looking at Leafnode which can be setup as a caching proxy, but my question is: will it still download the attachment if has the same name as the attachment of a different message? Can Leafnode recognize filenames and thus prevent its download? Or is the caching proxy only convenient if you have a lot of users using the same usenet-server and following the same groups?

In short I'm trying to cut down on my bandwidth usage by preventing the download of files I already downloaded before, even though they're attached to a different message. Simply check which files I already have and then selecting only new files from the message headers isn't an option since I'm talking about more than 10 000 files.

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