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#1 2005-05-23 20:05:42

Arch Overlord
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dhcpcd doesn't stay running

ok... well, for a while now, I thought this was a wireless issue, but now I think it has something to do with my router.

when I'm at home and I run "dhcpcd wlan0", I get an IP and everything works fine, but "ps aux | grep dhcp" reports nothing...

this weekend I was at a hotel, and noticed ethernet jacks in the wall, so decided to do a quick "iwlist wlan0 scan" - what'dya know, there's a wireless network! upon connection, dhcpcd remained running the whole time...

has anyone experienced this or know what causes this? maybe it has to do with lease time or something odd... not sure.


#2 2005-05-23 20:21:13

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Re: dhcpcd doesn't stay running

On the contrary, I have observed that, with my genuine cable connection, *something* starts dhcpcd after boot, even before network deamon is started. When said daemon starts, second dhcpcd instance appears. Stab me if I know where does this first instance come from (it's not from hotplug daemon, as I don't run it - there used to be a problem with hotplug starting second dhcpcd sometime ago, AFAIK). It isn't a big problem, but the heck, it bugs me a bit.

This post is a bit OT, but it seems dhcpcd is evil after all and rules itself its own way ;-) We'd better watch out for it.


It inclined me to do more research. It appears that modprobing my network module starts dhcpcd... But why would it do that?

Computers are getting too smart as for my taste ;-) Hopefully starting network won't order me a pizza just yet.


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