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#1 2005-07-10 21:14:55

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extrange network issue

im having this real wierd thing i dont understand:

im using the default ide arch kernel with udev.

i have a nforce3 motherboard (athlon64).

my onboard nic is using the nforce drivers provided by arch pkg. (that is nvnet module)

now, when i do /etc/rc.d/network stop

it tells me, network is not running, but im connected! i mean, im writing this "without being connected to my network"??

also, if i try this:

[root@archcrow /home/crow]$ /etc/rc.d/network stop
Network is not running.  Try 'network start'
[root@archcrow /home/crow]$ /etc/rc.d/network start
:: Starting Network                                                                                                        [BUSY] SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable
[root@archcrow /home/crow]$

tahts what happens...

now, how can it be??
(i placed a (!) infront of network deamon in rc.conf so i wouldnt get this message at startup, but when i enable it, does the same as from console).

Leonardo Andrés Gallego || Comunidad Hispana de Arch Linux


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