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problems joining a Win 2003 ADS


Im having a little issue with joining a win 2k3 active directory domain, the thing goes like this:

As this is a CentOS 4.1 Im using Webmin to do the config, although i edit by hand some files because because i find it faster, but as im used to the Arch paths, i get confused some times.

I have this services working:
Jabber Server, Apache Server, Samba.
Plan to configure a mail server and ssh in the future.

The problem is, the machine doesnt get the DNS right, when i type the IP in a browser from any Windows machine in the network, the web page appears (the web server seems to be working ok), also, i can access remote administration via Webmin (always inside de network, i dont have anything connected to the outside), but when i try the domain, like: linux.domain.local, its just says: "Could not be found..." while the other machines in the net answer with "Refused connection...", the later is alright as no other machine has a web server, thus they refuse to connect, but the Linux server should at least answer with that.

The PC appears in the Computers list under the AD manager in Windows Server 2003, and everything seems to be fine, the DNS name (redundant) is displayed ok: "DNS Name: linux.domain.local"

Also, wbinfo -u and wbinfo -g from the CentOS terminal show all the users and groups in the AD.

Another thing: I can see the CentOS PC in the Network Neightborehood on the Windows machines, but i cant see the Windows machines in Linneightborehood

The network, samba and winbind deamons are running, have been restarted after every change and the hosts file of the CentOS PC has the linux.domain.local assigned to 127.. (lo) and 192... (eth0) and the IP of the server assigned to its addres: 192.... server.domain.local

Any ideas on how to get the domain working correctly on this?

Leonardo Andrés Gallego || Comunidad Hispana de Arch Linux


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