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#1 2005-07-17 04:15:07

Euphoric Nightmare
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Problem with VSFTP/Apache/ssh [Resolved]

I can access anything from a computer inside the network (all connected to a LinkSys WRTG series router), but when I try to access it anywhere else, it won't take me there.  I'm at work right now and cannot get to it...I've tried VSFTP, Apache, and ssl but none will let me through.  I've set up the proper port forwarding, and i've tested that, because when i type my external ip address it takes me to the page, lets me connect etc...Does anyone have any ideas??? thanks


EDIT:  It is giving me connection timed out when trying to ssh if that helps.

EDIT part deux:  Turns out the ISP was blocking port 80.  I changed it to listen for 8080, and all is well.  Thanks to Dusty for pointing that out.


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