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#1 2012-05-17 01:11:28

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libvirtd not starting after update - "BUG: route/tc.c:970"

Hey Guys,

since one of the last updates our little Homeserver which runs different services via KVM was a bit unstable and I had some segfaults like "May 17 01:05:17 localhost kernel: [149527.919650] libvirt-ifstat[1430]: segfault at 28 ip **************** sp **************** error 4 in[7f55d54c0000+4d000]". So I was happy when I saw that there was a new update for libvirt (0.9.11-7) half an hour ago. I ran it and now libvirtd doesn't even start anymore.

root@myMachine# /etc/rc.d/libvirtd start
:: Starting libvirtd                                                                                                               [BUSY]
BUG: route/tc.c:970
libvirtd: route/tc.c:970: rtnl_tc_register: Assertion `0' failed.
/etc/rc.d/libvirtd: line 14:  1575 Aborted                 KRB5_KTNAME=$KRB5_KTNAME /usr/sbin/libvirtd --daemon $LIBVIRTD_CONFIG_ARGS $LIBVIRTD_ARGS

Can anyone help? Google didn't help and I need access to my VMs asap. (File Server, LDAP etc.)


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Re: libvirtd not starting after update - "BUG: route/tc.c:970"

I have the same problem. I know Arch has had some issues with libvirt breaking recently, see:

Apparenly they reverted libvirt... maybe they forgot to update some deps?

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Re: libvirtd not starting after update - "BUG: route/tc.c:970"

I have the same problem here; it looks like this patch may have caused the problem:

After downgrading to netcf-0.1.9-1, libvirt works again. I filed FS#29921 against this issue.

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