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Why are KDE packages named the way they are?

None of the other DE's packages are named so obnoxiously.

For example, Gnome Shell's package is just 'gnome-shell' and Nautilus is 'nautilus'

Yet, Dolphin is 'kdebase-dolphin' and Okular is 'kdegraphics-okular'. If I want to install some KDE app, I have to search for it first every time because I don't know if it's in kdeutils or kdebase or kdesdk.

Forget about remember a package name if it's a plasma applet/addon.

'kdeplasma-addons-runners-events', 'kdeplasma-applets-networkmanagement'

It's a little much, no?

It would make more sense to me to at most keep 'kde' as part of the package name for the apps (kde-dolphin). In which case you would also want to have 'gnome-nautilus' as a package.

Maybe for the plasma addons, something like 'kde-runners-events' and 'kde-applets-networkmanagement' because runners aren't even close to the same as plasma applets.


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Re: Why are KDE packages named the way they are?

My guess is its based on upstream. Just check the file names:


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Re: Why are KDE packages named the way they are?

Plus I'm certain I remember mailing list discussions (on the Arch lists) about this matter. But more importantly, as anonymous_user says - its about upstream...

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Re: Why are KDE packages named the way they are?


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