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Local Routing from a KVM Virtual Machine

I'm using a Windows7 installation on a KVM virtual machine. Works fantastic, by the way!

My networking solution isn't satisfying anyway and I'm looking for help here.
In the KVM wiki there is a chapter "Poor Man's Networking", so the host is reachable at address
If I would have a samba server on the host everything would be OK, but the host I'm working on gets home and working folder by NFS4 from a server.
If I could statically forward any link to to my server bidirectionally, everything would be perfect. Now I'm using OpenVPN for connecting to our server, but this is really slow.
How to do?


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Re: Local Routing from a KVM Virtual Machine

For a good network performance of the KVM guest I would always stick to bridged networking.

You might want to check out the part in the arch wiki referenced by the KVM article itself: … _.28VMs.29

This puts your KVM guest on the same network as the host. For Linux and Windows guests it also helps to install the virtio network and device drivers to enhance throughput. From my experiences using the virtio stuff somehow adds CPU load to the guest compared to full virtualisation.

Anything like NAT or ssh-tunneling makes things IMO more complicate than necessary.


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