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Reconnecting to network after VPN is down, with wicd

Just started connecting to a VPN with pptp.
After proper configuration, I just...

#pon vpn && route del default wlan0 && route add default dev ppp0

...and everything runs smoothly.
BUT sometimes, the connection hangs, and I lose the ppp0 interface. At that time, the wlan0 seems to be still up. To recover the initial status, I tried to take back the routing to the original status...

#route del default ppp0 && route add default dev wlan0

...without success.
Alternatively, I try...

#/etc/rc.d/wicd rstart

...but still no connection to network.
The only way I found is open wicd-curses, and Disconnect and Connect to the essid again.
Can I go to a straight method to put the VPN up again or to get the ordinary wlan0 connection working?


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