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How to configure network interface only when cable inserted?

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone here could help me with a minor configuration problem. I have a server with two network interfaces, I'll call one "internal" and the other one "external". It has NAT configured so that the "internal" interface gets served DHCP, can access the Internet, etc. My problem is that sometimes I want to run the server without anything connected to the internal interface, and at these times it seems that the boot process gets stuck on the "bringing up internal interface" part. (It's a bit hard to know exactly what's going on because the server is headless.)  I am using a script in /etc/network.d/, set to static IP address, for the internal interface.

Does anyone know how I could configure Arch so that it only tries to bring up the internal interface if something is actually connected to the port? Otherwise I have to physically go to my server and plug in my laptop to keep the boot process going... let me know if I should provide more details.

Thanks for your suggestions!


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Re: How to configure network interface only when cable inserted?

ifplugd? Which is used by net-auto-wired from netcfg.

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