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#1 2012-10-05 07:18:43

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Network Manager Openvpn

Hi all !! Good to be part of the arch commumnity

I recently installed networkmanager package openvpn plugin pptp plugin vpnc plugin and the applet
Although the Add button is enabled in the networkmanager gui when i choose to add an openvpn connection ( VPN Connections --> Configure VPN --> Add -->Openvpn ) the window tha opens up for me to choose gateway , certificate etc etc has everything in it inactive (greyed out) .... only the cancel button works ... Can some1 give a hint about that matter and where to start .... Thanks !!


#2 2013-05-26 13:46:41

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Re: Network Manager Openvpn

Same here, Im using manjaro, i have just googled this up, maybe somebody can answer this.


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Re: Network Manager Openvpn

Hello, and welcome to Arch Linux.   
A few things.  This is an old thread.  In general, we discourage reviving old threads as things in Linux tend to change fast.  In this case, it is not a big deal as there really was no content generated that may have become stale by now.
Second, we discourage posting to a thread for the sole purpose of drawing attention to it (bumping).  Rather, to revive a thread, we prefer that more information be presented. 
Lastly, these forums are intended for the support of Arch Linux only.  We certainly do not mind if users of other distributions come here looking for information, but we cannot allow for threads to become confused by advice that is not applicable to our distribution.  A great deal of confusion is caused by information being introduced that applies to one of the many forks of Arch.  We ask that questions regarding forks be asked on the forums offered by those posts.  In this case, you have identified yourself as a Manjaro user (thank you, by the way) so that helps keep things clear.

I am leaving this thread open as it is not that old, and there had been no resolution.  Be aware that the OP has only posted here this once and nobody responded, so this may not be a problem that is prevalent on Arch.   It is possible the OP was using a fork as well wink

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