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Suggestions for a cooking recipe web server application

I have my own web server running the WordPress software for our family blog. I'd like to run a web server application that will allow us to add and view cooking recipes. The only thing I've been able to find so far are three WordPress plugins: one is out of date, and the other two integrate rather awkwardly with WordPress.

I'm looking for something rather simple: a web server application I can run to allow us to easily see our family recipes. A stand alone application (not a WordPress plugin) is actually preferred. Well, actually, any suggestion about any possible solution is preferred. smile

Does anyone know of a cooking recipe web server application?

Thank you!

(By the way, the reason I keep saying "cooking recipe" is because, apparently, "recipe" means something special in the web development world. Makes doing Internet searches for my problem a little tricky. tongue)


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Re: Suggestions for a cooking recipe web server application

There might be a Django app for that. You can plug Django apps in one big project (ex. a blog, cooking recipes, portfolio, etc). I can't explain it well, you might want to read about Django on the official website.


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