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#1 2012-10-11 13:32:02

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new 64bit installation based on existing x86 system

Hello there!

I'm using a x86 Arch, and my hard disk is partitioned as follow:
sda1 root
sda7 home
sda6 oth

Where "oth" is a partition empy.
I would like to "clone" my actual system to a new 64bit one.
So, I can boot arch-dual-dvd in 64bit mode, install the new arch in sda6 then use it as new root.

I am writing this to ask you whether is possible to "clone" my system as much as possible: installing the same packages, keeping the configuration files ( /etc/ ? ), don't touch the home and re-use in the new system..

Any hint will be REALLY appreciated!


#2 2012-10-11 14:19:28

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Re: new 64bit installation based on existing x86 system

There's no any easier way that what you have already described however I tend to daisy chain my x86_64 and i686 so that I can chroot the i686 under x86_64 and then I have access to 32-bit chroot, (not that I use it all that much).   But then you can also make a slight change to your i686 kernel and make it available (with some other installed services), a PXE bootable image for some other device you have laying around.

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Re: new 64bit installation based on existing x86 system


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