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Packet Loss / Connection Issues between Arch and Ubuntu 12.04 server


I have a netbook I use as a small media server with a single nfs share running Ubuntu 12.04 server and my desktop running Arch. Both are connected to a Virgin Media Super Hub with ethernet cable. Over the last couple of days videos started to freeze when playing over in vlc on nfs. I restarted both machines and the hub but the problem persists.

When the video froze I pinged the netbook from my desktop and found 86% packet loss. I've checked the hubs status through the webpage and changed the ethernet cables and the ports both machines were plugged into but the problem still persists.

My desktop connects to the internet fine when downloading files. How can I find out what is causing the packets loss / connection problem between the 2 machines?

Is their a piece of software that will stream data and test the connection for problems?



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