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NoMachine(freenx) Authentication failed for user (MYUSERNAME)

Hi all,

I have quite a few experience with freenx on other linux distributions, but this is my first time setting up freenx on archlinux. After following the instructions in the wiki, authentication keeps failing no matter what I do.

Stuff I've done from the wiki:
1. install freenx
2. add RSAAuthentication yes AllowUsers someuser nx to sshd_config
3. add md5sum to node.conf
4. pacman -S xdialog xterm
5. run "/usr/bin/nxsetup --install --setup-nomachine-key"
6. modify /etc/nxserver/node.conf so that "USER_X_STARTUP_SCRIPT=.xinitrc"
7. pick the right configurations when connecting to my server

I have "exec startxfce4" in .xinitrc.

It always goes up to "Waiting for authentication" and then "Authentication failed for user (MYUSERNAME)" pops up. I think it should not be a XFCE issue since authentication itself didn't even pass. I assume if it is a X window problem, what I would get is something like a blank screen.

I'm using public key, so I didn't really copy anything from the server to my client.

I couldn't think of a second reason why this wouldn't work. Is there any thing obvious that I missed? (If so, please move this thread to the newbie corner. lol)

Any thoughts would be highly appreciated.



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