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NFS mount ownership problem


I have a NFS server running on an Ubuntu Server 12.04 box. Here's the exports from the server:


The server runs idmapd with this configuration:


Verbosity = 0
Pipefs-Directory = /run/rpc_pipefs
# set your own domain here, if id differs from FQDN minus hostname
Domain = home


Nobody-User = nobody
Nobody-Group = nogroup

The idmapd.conf on the client machine (latest Arch) is:


Verbosity = 0
Pipefs-Directory = /var/lib/nfs/rpc_pipefs
Domain = home


Nobody-User = nobody
Nobody-Group = nobody


Method = nsswitch

I've started the idmapd daemon:

sudo systemctl start rpc-idmapd.service

Now when I:

sudo mount -t nfs4 /mnt/nfs

the exported fs is mounted, but the ownership of the various directories are nobody:nobody.

AFAIK, the idmapd should take care to map the users on the client and the server by threir username. On the Arch client I've created all the users and groups that are involved in these exports on the server. Their IDs don't match but I think that idmapd should take care of this. The (more or less) same configuration on an Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 works fine.

I'm new to the Arch world, giving it a try currently. So far I like it pretty much, but this issue is giving me a headache. I've browsed through the similar topics in this forum and on Google, but wasn't able to find a solution.

I'm not sure how should I go about debugging this issue. Tried raising the logging level of various daemons, but never saw anything interesting in the logs (maybe I was looking at the wrong logs though).

So, any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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