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Network card driver issues

So, here's the short of it

I have a Netgear WG111v2, and the chipset is a realtek rtl8187. However, due to a really long list of things, the network adapter ended up broken. I got a replacement one, it's the exact same model, a wg111v2. It runs on the same driver, as far as I know it has the same exact chipset, and it is identical to the old one. However, this one does not work. For some reason it will work sporatically if I plug it in after not having used it for months at a time... the first time I plugged the adapter into my PC (when I had just opened the package), it worked perfectly. However, after I restarted my computer it stopped working. It did not work at all, no matter what I tried, until the other day when I stuck it in and rebooted. As soon as the computer started up, it was working fine. However, there was a power outage and my router lost power. Once it was back on, my network adapter was no longer working and has still not worked since.

So, my question is this: Is there some hidden factor here? What would cause two identical wireless adapters to act differently? If they are exactly the same, why does one not work?

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