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Partioning question for dual booting arch+ another distro

I have a 320 partition w/ 100gigs win7 and 20 for /root arch, and rest for /home arch and a 500gig hd with data,media, pictures etc on it..
I was thinking of dual booting Mint + arch.. mint for compatability, ubuntu base and stability and arch for bleeding edge+ speed

I was thinking about 20 /root arch, 140 /home arch, 20 /root mint, 140(rest of hd) /home mint.. and using gparted to grab a 5 gig piece of the 500gig hd for /swap for both distros ( i have 6 gigs ram, i usually set swappiness to zero anyway, but i'm sure a swap is just a formality anyway)... and making the rest of the 500 accessable to both distros for my media and other stuff i have.

is the above a good scheme ^^, does the size/order matter for what I want above? or should it be /root mint /root arch /home mint, /home arch.. 20/20/140/140 (sizes are approx of course)

or would there be a "real advantage for making the 320 mint, 500 for arch.. and make 250 gigs of the 500 shared for media etc.. (20 arch / and 230 for /arch home)..

I posted this in the newbie section, because of so many possibilities and I've read alot about partitioning, I just wonder whats the best, effecient way to do this, i'm sure some of you here dual boot 2 distros (hopefully on the same hd so my question is at least relevant)

Thanks in advance for any help

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Re: Partioning question for dual booting arch+ another distro

It's your machine, so do whatever you want, because it's a very subjective matter. I have a 10 GB root ext4 without a separate /boot or /home (meaning that these folders are part of the root fs). But man, sometimes, a separate partition for /home can be a god-send. I experienced space issues countless times. Of course, it also depends on how much crap you install. If you install full-blown KDE and a bunch of games instead of something minimal like Openbox or a tiling WM, 10 GB are not enough. Wine also uses ~/.wine for games and such.


I would probably share the home partition between the distributions (except with different user names, so that the settings don't overlap between bleeding-edge versions of the same packages).

Have fun.

You may also wanna look into LVM, which will allow on-the-fly resizing of the partitions.

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Re: Partioning question for dual booting arch+ another distro

Why would your scheme not be 'oke'?
It s what you want!!, you know that, don't you;)
I will point you to partition wiki

DSpider's answers are more pointed out, but  Ithink you should be able to do this on your own;)

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Re: Partioning question for dual booting arch+ another distro

All your questions are really a matter of personal choice and preference. You should decide what you want and how you want it.

When I used to dual boot with Windows I had one dedicated HDD to it alone and had all my Linux on another HDD. I don't like using separate /Home, I just have /EXT4 partition that I use as Shared Data Partition between different Distros. And a dedicated NTFS partiton on WIN HDD to share between Win and Linux.

So its all about how YOU want it.

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