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WiFi Security for a hostapd Access Point


    I configured a TP-LINK TL-WN721N to serve as an access point using hostapd. I'm using WPA2, and I've set up MAC filtering, and a 16 character alphanumeric password from GRC. What else can I do to make my network more secure? This is my first experience with WiFi.

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Re: WiFi Security for a hostapd Access Point

I think that is pretty secure. If you want more, you could try something like forcing the use of a vpn; like, once they get an ip, they can only get access to the port of the vpn on your server, and everything else is blocked.
If they want something else, like web navigation, they have to do it over the vpn. That way, even if they get access to your lan, they can't do anything without the vpn certs. Try to do it using openvpn

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