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NFS - slow performance

Hi all,

I've been using SSHFS for a while now since it is easy to use, but switched over to NFS since it is really designed to do what I want.  With SSHFS, I get reasonable performance, but with NFS, the write operations are painstakingly slow.  I'm not sure how slow the reads are though.  I am attempting to use NFS on an internal network with bandwidth verified at 991 Mbps or 100+ MBps via iperf.  The mountpoint mounts just fine and I can write to it; however, the same operation that took a minute on the machine locally took over several hours and I aborted it before it could finish.

I'm building customized Arch Linux distributions on the laptop with the NFS share because it doesn't have enough free space to store the image.  That said, is NFS that slow for something like this or am do I have a misconfigured server / client?



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