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#1 2013-01-20 19:05:28

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smpboot: CPU1: Not Responding

So i just updated to the new catalyst-dkms 13.1 drivers from the community repo.  I rebooted my machine after it was all done, and i was greeted with a lovely message.


My computer then powered it self off, then back on. My PC then told me it experienced an Overclocking Issue.   

I don't overclock, this system is powerful enough as-is.  I tripple checked my bios, all overclocking was set to off, Turbo Boost was set to off too.   

The only thing that i can think of is a setting that said "Allow real-time changes in OS" was set to disabled.  Should i turn this on?  I do see my cpu scale its self down from time to time when the system is idle.

I never installed any cpu freq controll software.  I believe the default kernel does have some time of scaling/governer built-in.  is there a way to set this to off? like a full performance mode, instead of "on demand" ?

This looked to be a 1 time error, but it did make me a little nervous. I rebooted the computer and everything passed on start-up. i hope it was just a hiccup.  Has anyone experienced a similar situation?


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Re: smpboot: CPU1: Not Responding

I ran into that, too, but I was overclocking then. Probably just a hiccup as you said, if you worry very much you can clear CMOS. In case you missed any option, that is. No idea how it could have accidentally changed itself, or whatever.
AFAIK, the CPU does scale depending on load if you haven't specified it otherwise, but I'm not too sure here.


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Re: smpboot: CPU1: Not Responding

I had the same problem; it seems to occur if I have my usb to PS2 controller adapter plugged in; when unplugged it boots fine.

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Re: smpboot: CPU1: Not Responding

1LordAnubis, this thread is more than a year old. Please avoid necrobumping threads. I'll close this thread now.

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