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later - save and manage URLs to be opened later

later is a small (242 sloc) perl script that saves and manages URLs to be opened later.

GitHub repo
AUR package (-git)


  • perl

optional dependencies (see -t command-line option)

  • curl

  • perl-html-parser

command-line options

later [options] [URL] [memo ...]

  General options:
    -h, --help        print this message and exit
    -v, --version     print version and exit
    -q, --quiet       disable output
    -f FILE           file on which to operate (default is $HOME/.later)

  Add options:
    -a                append entry to FILE (default is prepend)
    -t                add URL title to entry (requires curl, HTML::Parser)

  Open options:
    -o NUMBERS*       open entries with given NUMBERS
    -O ENTRY          open given ENTRY
    -k                keep entries after opening (default is remove)

  Manipulate options:
    -l [d]            list contents of FILE with numbered lines,
                      descending if d is given (default is ascending)
    -r NUMBERS*       remove from FILE entries with given NUMBERS

  *accepts a range of numbers separated by a hyphen (e.g. 1-9)

example entry

arch linux is best linux >>> Arch Linux >>> >>> Sat, 26 Jan 2013 00:04:44 EST

potentially useful scripts

Copy URL from clipboard and use dmenu to prompt for memo:


later -q -t "$(xsel -b)" "$(dmenu -p memo: <&-)"

Pipe file into dmenu and open selected entry:


if [[ -f "$1" ]]; then

later -q -O "$(dmenu -l 30 < $FILE)"

I bind both of the above scripts to keys using my window manager of choice.
Hopefully someone else will find this useful!

I use linux and I dont understand nothing in this post.


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