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Logmein-hamachi weird behaviour

I have a weird problem with ssh connection through logmein-hamachi. Everything seems to be fine, but I can't connect to one host in my private network.
There are 3 hosts in my hamachi network, each one is in different location. On my laptop (let say HOST.A) I have installed hamachi in latest version from AUR (ver. The same version is installed on HOST.B.

[20:09:02] tydell@probook4530s:~$ hamachi 
  version    :
  pid        : 399
  status     : logged in
  client id  : 087-317-826
  address    :    2620:9b::1934:5d42
  nickname   : myhost
  lmi account: -

There is also third host (HOST.C) which is located in other country and there is hamachi ver. on this host. Arch on HOST.C wasn't updated for a while, so hamachi is starting there by entry in /etc/rc.conf. There is a fresh install of Arch on HOST.A (my laptop) and HOST.B.

Hamachi network looks like this:

[20:08:37] tydell@probook4530s:~$ hamachi list
 * [tydell_network]  capacity: 3/5, subscription type: Free, owner: This computer
 You are approaching your member limit and may soon have to upgrade your network                                                  
   * 087-960-127   HOST.B     alias: not set   2620:9b::193e:2a3f   direct      UDP
   * 092-915-808   HOST.C     alias: not set   2620:9b::1957:9a14   direct      UDP

As we can see HOST.B and HOST.C are visible.

I can connect by ssh to HOST.C, there is no problem with this. Also I can connect from HOST.C to my host. Problem is, that I can't connect to HOST.B from other hosts in my hamachi network and also HOST.B can't connect to them.
All hosts are visible in hamachi network. There is no blocked traffic because there is no configured firewall on any host.
I don't get ping responses from HOST.B. When I try to connect by ssh I get 'Connection timed out'.
There is also no response when I try to check HOST.B by telnet.

SSH and logmein-hamachi is configured on every host as it is described on Arch wiki.

I also connected my laptop to the same local network as HOST.B. I can connect to HOST.B throug local network, but cannot connect through hamachi.

Maybe someone will find out what can be wrong with this issue.



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